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Quoted from http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/06/face-time-nonie-creme/: At night I cover myself with a cheeky little local product called Skin Repair by Northridge Gardens. It’s a heavy salve made from olive, coconut, almond oil and beeswax. It’s like a miracle product. My body drinks it up. I swear it’s the reason I didn’t get stretch marks when I was pregnant. -Nonie Creme, Butter London, Seattle, WA

Two years ago, I received a very nasty sunburn, and I was hard pressed to find relief for it. Nothing seemed to work. My mother had found the Lotion Bar in some store, and offered it to me to try. I have to say I was very satisfied with the results. While the ‘ointment’ didn’t help with the heat, it did help sooth the pain, as well as it kept the sunburn moist. Where as the aloe I was using was being sucked right up by it, so I had to constantly keep putting it on. Since the burn was staying moist, it healed faster then I’ve ever had a sun burn heal before. I’ve been using this ever since then to treat my more painful burns. I’ve even started using it on my son and husband as well. This weekend my son and myself both burned fairly well, and upon getting home, we were a deep dark red. I rubbed us both down with the bar (which 2 years later was melted into a cream, which I prefer). Now in the morning after treating us, we are now pink, rather then dark red, and my son is already starting to tan. I really love this stuff, and I wish I could order it directly from you, or from my local Wal-Mart. -R. Ireland, Potosi, Missouri,

So I purchased a bar a year ago and I am just running out!! I use it for everything: My hair (it’s short and needs product), my 7-month-old baby’s hair, and my skin of course. My daughter gets those tangles at the back of her hair and all the baby detanglers have a million odd ingredients in them. I love that I can purchase local, recognize all the ingredients, and not compromise on quality. I love the fragrance as well … Lavender Patchouli. Can’t ask for more! Thank you, –B, Kent WA

I work at Evergreen Hospital where I discovered your product. My almost 7-year-old son has suffered from eczema his entire life! I have tried various creams, ointments, and prescription medications to treat his skin. I was running out of the other natural product I used and bought some of yours. Within a month his skin has healed. When I asked him how his skin/eczema felt he said, “It feels good.” He no longer constantly scratches at his legs and back. I heard on the Dr. Oz show that coconut oil is helpful for people with eczema an psoriasis. Sure enough, coconut oil is the second ingredient in your product. I will be happy to testify for your product. I use it myself. Thank you for a pure, healing product. I am a truly satisfied customer. –-Michele, Kirkland WA

The Northridge Gardens Green Tea [Solid Lotion] Bar has cleared up my psoriasis that I have had on my elbows and knees for years now. Dermatologists should be recommending it to their patients. A prescription for ointment that cost me $100.00 did not work as well as the Northridge Gardens product. I have never put a user comment on any product before, but I’m so happy with the results! -Angie, Janesville WI

I just bought your Solid Lotion Bar product in Seattle, Washington at the outlet mall. It got my attention right away as several samples were on display. I just loved the feel of it, how smooth it was and how it seemed to be actually doing something. It’s not greasy and I absolutely had to have the Lemon Verbena scent. It is so convenient and easy to absorb. I am telling everyone I know about it who will listen (including a Facebook status update!) and would love to see it for sale in more locations in British Columbia. Please? -Lisa P.

I live in Australia and a friend has just returned from the US with your Solid Lotion Bar for my daughter who suffers from acute atopic eczema. Within about 10 minutes of rubbing it into her skin she said it was relieving the itch. 12 hours later her skin was already feeling softer. We would like to know how to purchase this product in Australia. Your product has made us very excited that finally something is helping her skin. We know many others that would also benefit from your product and after looking on your web site would like to try other products you have on offer. Please could you let us know how we can get hold of it here. Looking forward to your reply. -Judy in Australia

Living in New Mexico dries your skin out horribly and my feet were so bad that they were cracked and bleeding … so were my hands. The first time I applied the bar to my hands I noticed a big difference and that it also didn’t wash off right away. That same night, instead of applying Kerasal to my feet and putting socks on, I applied your lotion bar. My feet felt so soft the next morning when I removed my socks. Still rough and cracked, but I could see and feel a difference. I have used the [lotion] bar 4 times now on my feet and the deep cracks on my heels are almost gone, and I feel like I can wear sandals again. Your product has done more for my feet and hands than any of those expensive lotions and salves I have EVER used over the years and in less time too! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product! -Nathenia Roberts

Last spring my husband and I visited your plant and enjoyed getting a good look at your product line, and have been enjoying the samples you so generously gave us. Today I went to Annie’s in Rockford, IL and was disappointed in the fact that they’ve discontinued some of your products. Then – I decided to check your website, and found two other locations I can easily get to. I’ve tried other stuff on my hands (now diagnosed as psoriasis) but still like the effect of your lotion bars the best. So I did buy two sizes today, but will try the other stores (Pepper Creek and Edwards Apple Orchard) for other products in the near future. Just wanted to say hi, and thanks again for a great visit to your place there in the Northwest. When I returned from visiting you, I took pictures to Annie’s, recommended some of your things they didn’t stock, and in general tried to cheer for Northridge Gardens. They assured me today they will continue to provide the two lotion bar sizes they now have. Just thought I’d let you know! -Lynn Eckberg

Hi Folks~ I picked up your [Sweet] Plumeria Skin Repair during a recent visit to Poulsbo. I love it! My girlfriend who also bought a jar has also been raving about the results. We both have very dry cracked feet, and they have never felt better since using your product. -Nancy Dugas

Hi. Let me start off by saying I have discovered your wonderful products today. I work at an animal hospital and one of our workers walked by me today and I almost fell over. Whatever she had on was the most amazing smell of a lotion or cream I had ever known. I immediately asked her what she was wearing and she told me about your lotion balm/bar; it was the Cranberry Fields scent. I told her she could not leave her shift until she gave me the name and manufacturer of the product. She gave me the container and I brought it to every employee to smell because I couldn’t get over how amazing the scent was. I immediately went to your web site and began calling every location in my area to find out where I could buy some today. I did purchase several containers of it and was wondering what products you still “do” carry and sell. Thank you for such a wonderful gift idea for all my family and friends. I will definitely pass on the name of your product as I can’t seem to get enough of it. Thanks again, a very happy customer. -April Kirstein

The only product of yours I have tried is the moisturizing massage bar [now called Solid Lotion Bar] (Pink Grapefruit scent). It changed my life. Instead of buying expensive Oil of Olay anti-wrinkle creams for my eyes, this stuff works great! Even my friends ask what have I been using? At age 49 I am working real hard to put aging on hold. I use this product on my hands, feet, face, and most importantly my lips. For a long time, I kept having problems with my mouth cracking on both sides- it looked really terrible. No chapstick seemed to help. I am allergic to lanolin, don’t like petroleum, and have to be careful with scented lip balms as they bother me too. But when I started using the moisturizing massage bar [Solid Lotion Bar] as lip balm, they cleared right up. What a relief! I simply scoop a small amount out of the big container into an old lip balm pot from another company to carry with me in my pocket. (And if my hands need some, it is right there with me.) -Karen E. Allen, WA.

I love that there is a product out there that has taken away the dry hands of winter that I experience every year. The biggest bonus is that your bar is not a big ol’ pot of chemicals; just nice natural ingredients! Thank you very much! -Dr.Laurie Belmont, Royal City, WA

Our son has eczema to the extent that it covers almost from head to toe. Wanting to go the “natural” route to allow his body to “heal itself,” I have searched for a long time to find something that works as well as your massage [solid lotion] bars. Every time we thought we had found something, it would only work for a short time and then we would switch yet again. Due to the ingredients in most other products, we either knocked his immune system down (such as Calendula) or it stung when we put it on him (things containing a whole lot of fragrances, acids, and alcohol). Your massage bars [Solid Lotion Bars] seem to have finally done the trick. This is one of those things that run in my family and we know eventually he will grow out of it… I will tell my entire family about this stuff, as we all- from my grandmother to the youngest grandson- suffer from dry, sensitive skin. The retail items (Vaseline, Neutrogena, any brand of makeup and facial stuff) do just not agree with our skin. Thank you so very much and kudos to your company for putting out such a wonderful product!!!!!!! -Jenifer

I bought a 4 oz. jar of the moisturizing massage bar [Solid Lotion Bar] when I was visiting my Aunt in Idaho. I wanted to purchase a smaller size for my purse but was unable to find one. I love the product; it is the only thing that helps my hands. I am very ill and on a lot of medications and get a problem with my hands and I am unable to touch anything and this helps me out a lot. I will never be without it now that I have found such a great product. -Heidi in CA

Of all things, I was at an Apple Orchard (Tanner’s) near Peoria, Illinois. Some of your massage bars [Solid Lotion Bars] and lip balms were placed on a table display at the checkout counter. I smelled the Baby Powder fragrance and had to have it. I have NEVER ever written to a manufacturer about a product, but I have suffered for about ten years with dry skin; chapped, cracked and bleeding hands and fingertips. I have used Super Glue on my fingers to ease the cracking on my fingers, especially my thumbs and forefingers. I have had to wear cotton gloves to put on tights or some stockings because my hands were so rough they would snag and run the fibers. My children make fun of me when we pray at dinner, and say the thing they will remember most about our family meal times is the way my hands feel! I have tried EVERY lotion on the market, and I’m not kidding. I’ve used cotton gloves at night with everything from Eucerin to Preparation H. NOTHING worked. The worst part of it is my feet are the same way. It’s embarrassing to have a pedicure because they are constantly bleeding. I tried the moisturizing massage bar [Solid Lotion Bar] and I immediately knew something was different, and I am still at a loss to explain it. After only one week, my hands are completely healed. Completely! I put sheer black tights on this morning, and to my amazement, my hands were as smooth as silk all the way through them. I am absolutely astonished at this product. It feels amazing on my skin – like silk. As I was putting it on this morning, and as I rubbed my hands together, the balm became almost “hot” between them. To apply the massage bar [solid lotion bar], I scrape some out of the container with my fingernails, rub it in/on, and then wipe my hands “dry” with a paper towel. The fragrance is mind-boggling – I can smell it for hours, and it is absolutely true that the moisturizer lasts through repeated hand washings. I look at the ingredients and don’t have a clue what is different about this product! I detest the way lotion feels on my skin, which is why I have suffered. -Toni in IL

I was given one of your Vanilla Cookie massage bars [Solid Lotion Bar] by some of my students when they found out I was pregnant. I am due in six weeks and still have no stretch marks or dry areas. This is the only item I have that truly combated the dry skin of pregnancy! I love it! I want to get one for a friend who just found out she is pregnant (plus another one for myself). -Dawn in NE

My Mother picked up a few massage bars [Solid Lotion Bars] from a lady in Tribune KS and everyone here went wild for the stuff!!! It is so dry out here and dry skin is such a problem. The massage bars [Solid Lotion Bars] are just what we need to take care of our skin. My 4 yr old daughter’s face was so chapped from the wind and cool air we have been having, I put baby lotion on it. She screamed because it burned. Then my mom told me to wash the lotion off. I did and she put some massage bar [Solid Lotion Bar] on her face and the redness started to disappear in minutes and my daughter said it didn’t burn at all. I bought one for her, one for me and one for my son, who will not even discuss using lotion but loves the Ocean Breeze bar because it doesn’t smell girly. WE LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! -Nicole in CO

Snickerdoodles just closed! That is where my hand therapist discovered your products, and I learned from her. White Ginger is my favorite. I was dismayed to think that I couldn’t get it anymore so I was glad your web site is on the package. I will be checking these other distributors, but just wanted to tell you: GREAT salve [Skin Repair]. Thanks! So far I’ve only tried it and the massage bar [solid lotion bar] but will be trying more. Bye! -Karen in Spokane

My daughter gave me the Almond Honey moisturizing bar [Solid Lotion Bar] for my birthday (she bought it in Kalispell), and it cleared up a rash in 2 weeks that I had been treating with prescription cortisone creams for about 6 months (I used your bar instead of the prescription). I would like to buy another scent, but need to know which ones are mild. I normally cannot use scented products, as it aggravates my eczema rashes. More information would be most appreciated. -Anne in Billings

While I was home in Michigan, visiting family, my sister had your product and allowed me to use it on my daughter that has eczema. In a manner of days, it was cleared up, and so she gave me the container.
-Michelle in Iowa

My sister (who received a bar as a gift) gave the massage bar [Solid Lotion Bar] to our mother who has diabetes and Lupus. I used it on her legs and feet before she went to bed. She has much less trouble with swelling, pain and leg jerks when she has had massages using the product. -Kathy in Texas

I purchased a massage bar [solid lotion bar] at a small store in Zion UT while vacationing. My son has severe eczema and everything he has tried burns or itches. He has been battling this for 8 years. We are so frustrated… BUT!!! your bar is magic and there was no complaint at all during use. I would even be in retailing to doctors’ offices and friends/family members with the same condition. Being a dental hygienist I know many patients who have skin disorders! -Jenifer in NV



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