What are the 10 top selling fragrances?

The top 10 selling fragrances are: Cranberry Fields, Sweet Plumeria, Lemon Verbena, White Ginger, Mango Coconut, Non Scented, Just Lavender, Baby Powder, Green Tea, and Euphoric.

Why do I have to buy a Tester Bar?

The tester bar is a regular 2 oz. bar that has “TESTER” written across the label. The bar should be taken out of the jar and placed on a frosted plate (also available from Northridge Gardens). Most of your customers have never seen a product like the Lotion Bar and would not understand how to use it if it were left in the jar. The goal is for the customer to pick up the bar and try it out. You will find that about 70% of the customers that handle the Lotion Bar will buy it. This is our best selling product.

What is the shipping time?

We are currently shipping orders within 72 business hours.

What is our reorder?

The minimum reorder is $100.00. All products have to be ordered in quantities of 6 of one fragrance, except for Lip Balm which comes in cases of 12.

What is our reorder for Private Label?

The minimum reorder for Private label is $300.00. All products have to be ordered in quantities of 12.



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